Clergy Gitmo Justice Fast

“After all is said and done more is said than is done.”

As a Minister I sometimes feel this saying is talking to me & my fellow religious leaders.  The great Prophet Jesus taught “by their fruit you will know them.”  Every world religion calls us to compassionate action towards all beings.

Gitmo has been a spiritual & moral black hole for far too long.

Gitmo prisoners are on a hunger strike for their dignity and freedom.  They are being force fed by the American E.R.F. (Extreme Reaction Force), a squad of eight military police officers.

It is time for people of good faith to act.

Everyday a faith leader will do a water only fast & pray for one prisoner by name.  The goal is to get at least 164 religious leaders involved – one per Gitmo prisoner.

We invite “lay” members join with a faith leader  but it is vital for clergy to be the moral force taking the lead. We will keep doing this until:
1. The force feeding of the 130 plus men is ended.

2. The 84 men who have been cleared are given their freedom.  Two have been released since we started fasting & praying!

3. The remaining 80 men are put on trial or released.

4. Gitmo is closed.

Join our Facebook Group.  Follow me on twitter @revchuckfreeman.  I will be posting about the Clergy Gitmo Justice Fast on both platforms.  Please join us by signing up for a day of prayer & fasting here.

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